Accsys Web helps REID develop a website for a new line of software products called IDAT

Written by - Tuesday, 31 August
REID Construction Systems, went through the website development process with Accsys Web about 2 years ago. Accsys Web completely re-engineered their existing site to bring a large amount of technical data to their customers in a simple and easy to find manner. One of Reids primary concerns was that their previous web design provider has given them bad services, and had eventually let them down.

I am pleased to be able announce that Reid have recontracted Accsys Web to develop a new site for them to promote a new line of 3d CAD software called IDAT. Reid are the distributors of IDAT throughout Australia and recognised the need to provide a strong brand and dedicated site, specifically for this vertical market. Through a strong ongoing relationship we have been able to help Reid develop this brand and take it to the market.

Keep a look out for the IDAT site as it will be launched within the next few weeks.